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WRJ intelligent wire winding motor control /low and middle voltage

WRJ intelligent wire winding motor control /low and middle voltage
Product Detailed
under 300kw rated power motor energy saver specialize for wound rotor motor with valiable load need.

WRJ intelligent  wire winding motor control /low and middle voltage


it is suitable for the industried such as cement, construction materials, chemical industry, iron and stell, metallurgical and mine, etc

It 's best effecient function will showout if  operation with energy saved in the light load and variable load wound rotor type motor


soft starting:   small start current compared with frequency sensitive rheostat and automatic coupling voltage reduction starter,  in common case, the start current is les than 1.3 times of rated current. effectively reduce the temperature rise of motor and prolong the servie lift of motor.

smooth start: overcome the switching-in impact of the frequency sensitive rheostat and the automatic coupling voltage reduction starter,without impact on the mechnical equipment,overcome the problems that other starter can not start continuously for times

It can start under lowr voltage.for example,it can start smoothly when the voltage of motor is 340v while the rated voltage is 380v

remarkable power-saving effect:  commonly, the no-load power saving rate of motor is 60%, and the comprehensive power-saving rate is about 10-18%, depens on the different application objects---we will help to select the most economic  type for you

it can improve the power factor and reduce the line loss and clopper loss of the transformer

reliable automatic protection fucntion:protect the failure of open-phase within 2 seconds and protect the overload default of the motor within 5-40s ( time can be adjust), the performance is far superior to  thermal replay protection


Adopts micro-computer control technology


Intelligent power saver WRJ series of wound motor is a new generation energy-saving product special designed  for energy-saving and consumption reduction of the wire winding motor , with modern high-tech microcomputer control technologyi and silocon control technology,  which integrated the excellent perfomance of the liquid starter.

It can automatically trace and monitor the load conditions of the motor through private optimazied power-saving software built in the chip of computer, to automatically adjust the input power of the motor in real-time , so as to realize the optimal matching with the load.

in this way, the motor will be always in the economic operation state ,and it will have the very obvious energy-saving effect,especially for the wire winding motor with light load and variable load,.the power saving rate can reach to 6-%.

 it is widely used in 30-300kw wire winding three phase asynchronous motors.

At the same time, WRJ wound motor power saver has the optimal soft starting function of the wire winding motor,, since the starting current is small, it has no impact on the power network and the mechanical equipment, which eliminate the thermal stress impact on the motor  caused by the large starting current, prolong the service life of the motor.

it greatly reducethe maintenance of the mechanical equipment such as the speed reduction unit.

it has excellent starting performance that the traditional starter such as automatic coupling voltage regulatrtor etc which can not reach







WRJ intelligent wire winding motor control /low and middle voltage

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